★ City: New Orleans is one of the major port cities in the United States and the largest city in Louisiana. As of 2010, it is the 46th largest metropolitan area in the United States.

★ Venue: Ernest Memorial Convention Center

US Cantata Tour's twenty-first city, New Orleans, where the scars of Katrina from 2005 still remain.

In front of the Ernest Memorial Convention Center, there is a large sculpture in the form of 'an old tree holding a house drifting in the water.'

For the citizens here, the Cantata is more than just a 'beautiful stage.'

"I have attended the Cantata for the third time. It is even more touching every year. I can not forget the peace and how moving it was the day I first saw this Cantata two years ago. That is why I wait for this Cantata every year."

The performance and message conveys light and happiness to the hearts of citizens in despair. Perhaps that is why most of the audience are fixed fans who wait every year for the Cantata in New Orleans for the seventh year now.

"I attended the second time this year. I received my first Cantata letter three years ago. But I did now receive one last year and the year before last and you don't know how glad I was to receive the letter six weeks ago. It's the best performance ever. Please come again."

The Christmas Cantata of the Gracias Choir contains love so the citizens gain peace and hope in their hearts by watching it. Cantata is becoming new hope for the New Orleans citizens.

City: Houston is the largest city in Texas, the fourth most populated city in the United States with an area of 1,600 km². The Houston Ship Channel is connected to the Gulf of Mexico and is the "ocean-free port" and the No. 1 port for exporting cotton in the United States. It is rich in petroleum and produces synthetic rubber, machinery and so on. It is famous for the space center of NASA.
Venue: Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land
Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States with a population of 2.1 million, and more than 617 million combined with the population of nearby satellite cities.
But with the recent hurricane, Harvey, many citizens have lost laughter in their lives.
"My friend got a cantata ticket and contacted me to go together. But my friend coudn't come so I brought Carol. Hurricane Harvey has taken joy away from our citizens. But the Gracias Choir regained the joy for us. I hope you will come again next year." (Lara)
The Cantata held at the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, near Houston, provided joy to these citizens with a performance from the heart of the Gracias.
"It's more than I imagined. The voices of the members were so beautiful, and the costumes were really lovely. My ninety-three-year-old mother has lost everything in this flood. So now she lives with me. If I had come with her today, she wouldn't be able to listen to the music because she has poor hearing, but she would have been pleased just to see the smoke and costumes of the Gracias Choir. "

The 3,500 citizens who attended the Cantata concert gave warm applause and cheers and spent time in hope and joy.

City: San Antonio, an industrial city on the San Antonio River. In 1781, a Spanish fortress was built, and in 1731, the Spanish moved in first. In 1821, it became a Mexican state by the Mexican Revolution, but in 1845, it became an American state by the Texas independence movement. Currently, this city has the most Mexican citizens in the nation due to geographical reasons. Venue: Lila Cockrell Theatre - 2,400 seat performance hall A full house is no longer an unfamiliar landscape during the Gracias Choir US Christmas Cantata Tour. The performance started at 7 o'clock, but 30 people were already in a line and waiting from 4:40pm. By 7 o'clock, about 200 people had to go back because all the floors from 1st to 3rd were full. "I'm so sad because I cannot see the Cantata. I wish they would have two or three performances next year. Last year, I saw the Cantata and it was so beautiful that I wanted to show it to my friends. Gracias, I know you have worked hard and prepared to prepare for the stage. As unfortunate as it is, I am so thankful."(Alexandra) "I just moved from Florida to San Antonio with nothing. I have lived so hard in the meantime, but today I saw the Cantata and I think I know why God sent me here. The Cantata today was really awesome. The Cantata story felt like my testimony. I heard the message and kneeled, and I knew that the repentance and faith I had been doing was wrong. I have found the Bible passages that Pastor gave me and I came to believe. Jesus forgave my sin and I am free." (Martha) "My favorite scene was Anna. Seeing her realize her past mistakes and repent was like seeing us being forgiven for our sins by God's grace. Gracias, you keep on singing good songs, and please preach the gospel of God to the world that let them know God is good. You who are preaching the word of God are doing a wonderful job. God will bless you. Thank you." (Jenny) The Christmas Cantata took place under the theme, "We Bring the Joy to You." As this saying, great joy was delivered to San Antonio through this Cantata.

City: El Paso is the largest city in the southwest end of Texas and the Mexican border. It was established by the Spanish in 1827, and in 1848, it left Mexican rule and became US territory. Currently, it is the point of foreign trade and traffic.
This is the third Cantata in El Paso.
The enthusiasm of the performance continued across the border to Mexico.
It was promoted through Mexican TV broadcast, 'Channel 44' as well as other broadcasts such as ABC and Canal.
"After last year, somebody came to my house again this year and left a ticket. People waited earnestly for the Messiah, and although Jesus was the real Messiah, people refused Him. In the end, however, they all realize Jesus is the Messiah and rejoice. That scene was very touching. This show allows people who do not know Jesus to open their hearts to Jesus and to come closer." (Don and Minette couple)

"It was a terrific performance that I can't express how impressed I was. Especially, the 'God Bless America' song was a wonderful ending. I hope that the citizens unite as a result of the Las Vegas shooting. I am a nurse who cares for children 0-5 years old. I didn't imagine the Little Santas would do such a wonderful performance. Also, the pastor's message is not saying that you should do something or not do something to receive salvation. I was able to believe because of the clear Words saying, 'If you accept the Word, your sins will be cleansed and you will be saved.'" (Kurt Haller)

"The music and acting of the first act were all great, and the composition of the story was amazing and fresh.

It is a performance that everyone would like. I've seen some of the world's most famous performances, such as Broadway, but I have never seen such a performance. Pastor Park's message of the gospel was also very clear that I wanted other people to hear it with me. The emcee said that the members of Gracias read the Bible and prepared for the performance, but I can feel that they are singing by the power given by God. It's great that Koreans are performing around the country like this." (Eliseo Rios family)

El Paso is bordered by Mexico and has many illegal residents and immigrants. Juarez, which is under El Paso is notorious for crime and drugs.

Regardless of the situation in the city, the hearts of the citizens who watched the Cantata were filled with gratitude, happiness and joy.

★ City: It is currently the largest city in New Mexico. It began as a small town by Spanish settlers in 1706, and the name of the city, Albuquerque originates from Albuquerque, named after the Spanish governor. The University of New Mexico (UNM), and the Sandia National Laboratories are located here.
★ Venue: Tingley Coliseum - a multi-purpose arena originally built as a rodeo stadium, accommodating over 10,000 spectators.

The interest and love of the citizens of Albuquerque towards the Cantata was more distinctive than in other cities.
Christmas Cantata with Albuquerque City. The polite manners and fervent response of 3,000 citizens gathered at the Tingley Coliseum were sincere.

New Mexico proclaimed October 10th as Cantata Day, and in the city of Albuquerque, the excellence and influence of the Cantata was acknowledged and granted $5,000 and the freedom to use the city logo while publicizing.

"This is my second visit to the Cantata after last year. This year, I brought my daughter, a future son-in-law, and grandchildren. The process by which Jesus was born was portrayed as painstaking. I hope that everyone who sees Anna in the second stage realized that they are like her. As I listened to 'God Bless America,' I was reminded of the thanks towards God for letting us live in this vast country of the United States. (Rev. Tim)

★ City: Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and a city of sightseeing and gambling. The shooting rampage that happened on October 1st was recorded as the worst shooting incident in the United States with more than 500 casualties.
★ Venue: Orleans Arena - A 9,500 seat indoor arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the past, ECHL was used as the home stadium of the Las Vegas Wranglers.
In the aftermath of the worst shooting rampage in the United States on October 1st, peoplehid themselves from the streets of Las Vegas, a city of pleasure and entertainment. On October 9th, the Christmas Cantata arrived in Las Vegas, where the city was groaning with sores and pain.
On this morning, the Christmas Cantata was introduced on Fox News (FOX) TV channel news time, one of the six major TV stations in the US, and the moderator praised it as "perfect timing."
The 5,000 seat venue, built on a 9,000 seat indoor arena, was filled with 4,500 spectators. Songs by Gracias Choir, including 'God Bless America,' comforted the hearts of Las Vegas citizens who were in the darkness and despair.
"After the last gunfire we needed God's message. This poor city, the poor country, has been confused since the incident. There is no other perfect timing for the message of Christmas to arrive. Now everyone here needs the message of Christmas." (Monica Jackson / Fox TV news host)

City: LA is a satellite city in Los Angeles County, California, the second busiest container port in the United States, and one of the largest shipping ports in the world.

★ Venue: Long Beach Performing Arts Center
With New York, Los Angeles is a large city representing the United States, with a population of 3.97 million, which is the most after New York. When combining the population living in satellite cities, there are 13 million people we needed to promote this cantata to. Maybe not everyone got the news, but it was publicized in methods untried before via SNS, VIP invitations, large billboards on the street, newspapers and TV commercials.
The Cantata was performed twice, at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm, and 2,600 audiences filled the 3,000 seat theater at both performances. California is close to Central and South America and where there are many immigrants from Latin America so subtitles were provided both in English and Spanish. The total number of citizens who attended the two performances was 5,200. The minds of each citizen may have been different, but only one thing is spoken in mouths of those who have left the Cantata -- the main character of the Christmas Cantata, Jesus Christ.
"As a pastor, I preach to people every Sunday and preach the gospel, and many people say that there is no place for God in their lives. It is such a heartbreaking thing. I teared at the scene in which Joseph sings. God, who came in the form of man, it was special to see how they try hard to find a room for the Messiah." (Eddie Vargas, Rev. Restoration Life Church)